Orbiloc TWIN

Safety for two

This year’s ideal Christmas present for everyone who loves nature and outdoor living – even after dark – is called TWIN. Orbiloc TWIN is a package containing two safety lights. 

The Orbiloc TWIN pack contains a red and a white safety light. The red colour is a universal signal for attention and therefore a colour which we automatically notice – and act according to – in traffic. The white colour is a colour we associate with headlights on cars and bicycles. Therefore, we connect white to the impression of something approaching us.  

Did you know, that as a horseback rider (depending on the country), you are either obliged or encouraged to display lights after dark? The same goes for during the daytime when visibility is not optimal – just like bike riders.

And also, did you know that if you are running in group formations the front of the group is either obliged or encouraged to carry a white light, and the back of the group, a red?

TWIN - Dog Dual

TWIN - Dog Dual

Orbiloc Dog Dual TWIN is the perfect Christmas present for the dog, the dog owner. Th..


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